We are taking over Page'up's activity and wish to commit ourselves fully to its path, initiated in 1996, of simplicity, quality and design.

We wish to offer everyone the opportunity to simplify their lives. Therefore, inventing, developing and offering useful, simple, universal and durable products is the basis of each of our actions.

We draw a circle that we want to be virtuous in order to build an entity that will evolve, for sure, in its proposals, while remaining faithful to its integrity and the essential respect of its values. We imagine links and interactions with the world of art, culture and contemporary creation.

Moving forward with our partners, in good understanding, allows the permanent search for quality both in what we produce and in what we live. We all share the idea that our lives are precious and that we must each honour it every day. Today, we are putting all our efforts into production that is more respectful of the environment and of our resources.

Your satisfaction in using our products, the simplicity you will have in making them part of your life, their longevity pushes us to give the best every day.

Do not hesitate to share your feelings and experiences with us. Do not hesitate to share it with the Page'up community. We have a lot in common, we are sure. The future belongs to all of us, to everyone, fully. Let's make the most of it!