Here's enough to satisfy your desires... and make people happy!

The smallest copy holder is available in more than 40 colours and coatings, from satin to Page'up gold to fine gold, from the unique piece to the resolutely Pop colours... you will find what you are looking for!

Let yourself be tempted, and if you need advice or more information, don't hesitate, we are here for you. Make yourself (themselves) pleasure!


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  • Colour: Purple
  • Page'up Eco-green - Purple


    Page'up Eco-green is slightly smaller than the Original to use less material but offer the same functionality. It is made of recycled ABS for resource optimization... We are also making the future with our choices... let's move forward together!

  • Page'up Deep - Purple


    The Page'up Deep is colorful, transparent and playful . The little copy holder you want to take in your hand to shake it. Its design is magnified by the density of the color on its curves. This is the only transparent Page'up range. Have fun with it!

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